[4] Following the emergence of low-cost airlines and the expansion of the international high-speed rail network, DB realised it had to adapt its night train services to the changing requirements of the transport market. There are special compartments for women and,- wheelchair-bound travellers. Et City Night Line-tog mellem Lalden og Brig i Schweiz. Ideal für City-Trips und Urlaubsreisen ohne die Strapazen einer anstrengenden Autofahrt. Traveling with dogs is only permitted if you book an entire compartment and if they don't bother other passengers. Schedule information, seats, couchettes and sleepers. Deutsche Bahn, the German rail provider, confirmed this month that its City Night Line sleeper trains on the Climate Express route would cease from 1 November, while the night … Während unser Zugteam sich bestens um Sie kümmert, bringt Sie der Nightjet über Nacht im Schlaf- , Liege- oder Sitzwagen in viele verschiedene europäische Metropolen. In December 2015, Deutsche Bahn decided to cancel all remaining night train services including City Night Line, effective December 2016. Laptop connections were only available in the newer Comfortline cars. Deze vertrekt helaas sinds 14 december 2014 niet meer vanaf Amsterdam, maar vanaf Oberhausen. Auch von Kopenhagen über Hamburg, von Prag über Berlin und von Zürich aus … The management of services, rolling stock and pricing of CityNightLine and its then DB counterpart (NachtZug), however, remained separate. Passengers who already had a rail ticket (e.g., Interrail passengers) can purchase reservations separately. More information. Dit geldt ook voor de nachttrein naar Warschau. Fill in a Nightjet departure and end station in our booking system. Tickets for group travel can be purchased up to twelve months in advance, provided that the relevant timetable has already been published. Also available are private compartments for 1-6 persons (1-3 adults, max. The target was to establish overnight services as a supplementary product to high-speed trains over long distances (between 800 and 1500 km). Toilet and washing facilities are located outside the compartment in the carriage. ÖBB bought all 42 Comfortline cars when DB discontinued City Night Line in 2016, and deployed them on their Nightjet routes replacing their older cars. More information about luggage, Children aged to 14 years arent't allowed to travel alone but must always be accompanied by an adult. The aim of the City Night Line network was to supplement the European long-distance network on long routes. [5] Media related to CityNightLine at Wikimedia Commons, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "DB to withdraw all remaining sleeper trains", "ÖBB-"Nightjet" übernimmt Nachtzugsverbindungen der Deutschen Bahn", "Freitagnacht im Schlafwagen nach Zürich", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=City_Night_Line&oldid=963092226, Passenger rail transport in the Netherlands, Articles needing additional references from July 2011, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Couchette car with compartment for passengers with restricted mobility (type 249.1), Combined luggage and couchette car (type 874.1), This page was last edited on 17 June 2020, at 19:43. At the bottom of the screen, choose to continue with a one-way trip or to book the return trip. Tickets for large dogs can be purchased from the Train Manager on board. Places in one of the women-only compartments can only be reserved via NS International Service Center or at a NS International service desk in one of the international Ticket & Service offices. Luggage space is limited on ÖBB Nightjet. City Night Line is a Festival in different european Cities. Oder fahren Sie innerhalb Europas in den Nachtzügen unserer ausländischen Partnerbahnen. Nightjet will run via Passau, Linz and other station to Vienna and will arrive at 8.27 hrs. Denn wer den Nightjet nimmt, für den beginnt der Urlaub schon bei der Anreise. Let op: De hieronder genoemde tarieven zijn exclusief de reis Amsterdam – Duisburg. So close and yet you'll get away from it all in the Belgian capital! Tickets could have been purchased a maximum of three months before the first day of validity. The last City Night Line schedule, valid from December 2015 to December 2016, consisted of the following services: Fares for CNL services were allocated to the IC/EC Product Category (formerly Product Category B), the second-highest in the three DB passenger transport categories. The couchette and seated cars were converted from existing Deutsche Bundesbahn and Deutsche Reichsbahn coaches. Von Berlin bis Zagreb, von Hamburg bis Ljubljana – erreichen Sie über Nacht gleich elf der schönsten Städte Europas. Fahrplaninformation, Sitz-, Liege- und Schlafwagen. If you book a single bed in a 2 or 3 persons’ compartment, you will share a compartment with other passengers (men and woman separate). [2] The service on some CNL routes was replaced by ÖBB Nightjet services.[2][3]. Neem dan de City Night Line. On weekdays the earliest train to Copenhagen is usually scheduled to depart Amsterdam around 05:02 and the last train is around 00:25. Like DB AutoZug GmbH, the company was a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn and was integrated in the DB Group as from 1 January 2010 in the form of an asset deal. More than thousands of European destinations online. U kunt ook in Keulen overstappen. In 1998, Deutsche Bahn hived off its night train services, which were provided with the train categories EN (EuroNight) and UEx (Urlaubsexpress), from DB Fernverkehr AG to DB AutoZug GmbH. A Deluxe sleeping compartment has its own bathroom equipped with washbasin, shower and toilet and is stocked with towels and shower gel. At the end of 2015, the domestic night trains between Munich and Berlin were also terminated. A great way to save a night in the hotel and arrive near the airport for the flight home. You must be able to carry your luggage yourself and place the luggage in the luggage racks and/or above seats and berths. Amsterdam NS 189 289 met de CNL 457 naar Kopenhagen (15270554150).jpg 5,879 × 3,254; 9.57 MB Arnhem NS 186 237 met de City Night Line 418 naar Amsterdam Centraal (25198410365).jpg 5,809 × 3,597; 11.24 MB Then choose the flexibility. Restrictions in the traffic of ÖBB Nightjet trains between Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. When booking, you can indicate a preference for a bottom, middle or top bunk. The journey time may be longer on weekends and holidays, so use our Journey Planner on this page to search for a specific travel date. There are 1, 2 or 3 persons compartments available. De nachtverbinding naar Kopenhagen is … Bathroom in sleeping car (Comfortline Deluxe), Beds in a sleeping car (with child's safety device), Beds in a sleeping car (double-deck Deluxe). Das Personal stellte DB European Railservice. You cannot change or cancel the non-flex rate after purchase. Je kunt met de ICE vanuit Amsterdam naar Duisburg overstappen, en daar instappen op de City Night Line naar Praag. Während der Fahrt steht der Service rund um die Uhr zur Verfügung. In the course of this bundling process, older passenger cars were taken out of service. Met de City Night Line reis je ontspannen vanuit Amsterdam, Utrecht of Arnhem en kom je na een nachtje slapen aan boord van de trein uitgerust aan in steden als München , Kopenhagen , Praag en Zürich aan. The city of love, art and fashion. One year later, the CityNightLine AG company, domiciled in Zurich and until then a joint venture operated by Deutsche Bahn and the state-owned railways of Austria and Switzerland, ÖBB and SBB, became a wholly owned subsidiary of DB Fernverkehr AG. Night train CNL419 from Amsterdam to Munich. Mostly Bruxelles, Biel/Bienne and Berne. Das Angebot gilt aufgrund der immer günstiger werdenden Flüge … All lines had a special compartment for passengers with restricted mobility. U vertrekt om 18.38 uur (of naar keuze 16.38 uur) vanaf Amsterdam met ICE International en stapt om 20.54 uur in Düsseldorf over op de ÖBB Nightjet (spoor 20). Grund für die Einstellung ist die offenbar geringe Nachfrage der DB Nachtzüge und damit einhergehende Verluste sowie der veraltete Zustand der Schlafwagen. There are sleeping carriage with sleepers for a 1, 2 or 3-person compartments, couchettes for 4 or 6 persons and seating compartments with 6 seats. Economy sleepers have 1 2 or 3 beds and washbasin, shower at the end of the corridor. Der Citynightline ist so ausgestattet, das ganze Familien Platz in einem Abteil haben und diesen auch für sich allein buchen können. Nightjet rijdt via onder andere München (Aankomst 7.00 uur), Kufstein (Aankomst 8.26 uur) en Wörgl (Aankomst 8.37 uur) door naar Innsbruck (Aankomst 9.14 uur). A bicycle (folding or otherwise) can only be taken on board if it is packed in a bicycle case (not a cover) with a maximum size of 85x85 cm. Sie wurde seit 2013 unmittelbar von der DB Fernverkehr betrieben. The line network was then redesigned to reflect these new objectives: routes which ran parallel to long-distance services were discontinued, other routes were systematically extended, destinations with strong seasonal fluctuations and tourist destinations were replaced by daytime services. To facilitate the carriage of luggage, either combined couchette and luggage cars were used or seated cars with a special luggage/bicycle compartment. Below choose the number and type of passengers and click. Since then, the entire fleet of sleeping, couchette and seated cars has been fully air-conditioned. Most Nightjet trains use Comfortline sleeping-cars built by Siemens in 2003-2005 for German Railways' City Night Line sleeper trains. What are the Amsterdam to Copenhagen train times and schedule? On the changeover to the 2009/2010 timetable, the number of these shunting processes was reduced to one per network. 5 children up to 14 years) at a fixed rate incl breakfast – very interesting for families, small groups or senior citizens (as they can spend the night comfortably on 2 beds side by side).More information on this is available on NS International Service Center: 030-2300023, Toilet and washing facilities are located in the carriage, Drinks and snacks are available for purchase with a member of staff in the couchettes and sleeping carriages. 5:57. To achieve that objective, the existing train categories CityNightLine (CNL), DB NachtZug (NZ) and UrlaubsExpress (UEx) were amalgamated to form one new product called City Night Line (CNL), which was integrated in the fare systems and sales processes of the different departure countries. [3] ÖBB also took over some of DB's former night train cars.[3]. The cars were given a uniform livery in white with red window stripe and all-white doors. All saver fares for long-distance services and the corresponding discount options (such as BahnCard) could have also been used on City Night Line routes. A lively city where the true Bon Vivant will feel at home. A number of coaches have larger luggage racks at the front. Save. On introduction of the new timetable on 15 December 2002, the DB Nachtzug portfolio was increased to 20 trains. You can also change trains in Cologne. Het merk werd na 1999 een merknaam van de DB voor zijn nachttreinen, totdat de laatste nachttreinen van de DB eind 2016 werden geschrapt. It was run by the same management team as DB Autozug GmbH, so that respons… Links serviced includes the Amsterdam to Milan route, Munich to Paris, Basel to Prague, Berlin to Bolzano, Munich to Copenhagen and many more. The principle was similar to that in France, but with a few special national features. 694 likes. At the end of 2014, all City Night Line trains to Denmark and France (Paris) were terminated, as well as some of the lines to the Netherlands (Amsterdam). The cars were air-conditioned and each compartment has two or three berths. CityNightLine (CNL) was een merknaam voor nachttreinen in Duitsland, Zwitserland en Oostenrijk.De naam ontstond na de creatie van een gelijknamige spoorwegonderneming in 1992. Catering is available in the in the couchettes and sleeping cars. You will get the option to book your city night-line train. Und das bequem und klimafreundlich! The train section travelling to Munich was joined to a train coming from Paris with destination Munich, while the section travelling to Zurich was joined to a CNL coming from Hamburg. On board of ÖBB Nightjet, you have a choice of seating, lying or sleeping accommodation. In 1998, Deutsche Bahn hived off its night train services, which were provided with the train categories EN (EuroNight) and UEx (Urlaubsexpress), from DB Fernverkehr AG to DB AutoZug GmbH. Full of history, culture and shopping. Liggevognskupe til seks personer De tyske nattog var indtil 2016 samlet under navnet City Night Line. Travel from Alkmaar to Amsterdam with your NS ticket or OV-chipkaart. You will see the minimum and maximum price is indicated per accommodation. These compartments are meant for groups, families or price-conscientious travellers. There are private compartments available, bookable for 1-3 persons (1-3 adults, max. There are electrical outlets next to your chair and in the couchettes and sleeping cars. Lively and versatile, an ancient city with a modern twist. It was run by the same management team as DB Autozug GmbH, so that responsibility for all night train categories, which still form the core element of the City Night Line network, lay with one single source from then on. When we do a booking from the nshispeed.nl site,the tariff says it is 29 EUR. In late 2015, Deutsche Bahn announced that it planned to terminate all night train services in December 2016,[1] and this plan was implemented on 11 December 2016. Information about travelling with children, You can’t travel with a bicycle in the nighttrain from Amsterdam to Vienna and Munich and Innsbruck until December 2021. Zudem hat man die Möglichkeit, einen Weckdienst zu beauftragen, welcher einem am nächsten … More information about bikes on the nighttrain. Share. In addition to the train ticket, passengers also have to make a reservation (see above for exceptions). The average journey time by train between Copenhagen and Amsterdam-Centraal is 13 hours and 54 minutes, with around 23 trains per day. Here we see City Night Line train "Pegasus" from Zurich to Amsterdam, taken in Emmerich, Netherlands Friday morning. Like Germany. From their joint departure station, they covered part of the route together as one train; on arrival at a certain station, they were split up and joined to other trains, with which they then continued to the different destination stations. 2 children up to 14 years). Drinks and snacks are available for purchases and will be served in your room. If necessary, click on 'evening' at the top of the screen. One year later, the CityNightLine AG company, domiciled in Zurich and until then a joint venture operated by Deutsche Bahn and the state-owned railways of Austria and Switzerland, ÖBB and SBB, became a wholly owned subsidiary of DB Fernverkehr AG. A popular destination in both the summer and winter season. City Night Line to Amsterdam C. Train. Book the sleeper at German Railways (the train operator) www.bahn.de/en - search Zurich to Amsterdam with desired departure 20:00, look for the train marked CNL (City Night Line) with 0 changes in the search results. Couchette cars had 4 or 6 berths and there are three different categories in use, which differ in respect of their additional functions: Compartment for passengers with restricted mobility, The seated cars consist of compartment cars (six seats per compartment; type 236.9) and open-saloon cars with reclining seats (types 875.X). City of art, architecture and theatre. Due to the Covid-19 infection situation in Europe and the associated travel restrictions, Nightjet traffic on the lines between Germany and Austria, Germany and Italy and between Germany and Switzerland will be suspended until December 8, 2020 (changes are possible at any time). Where to buy tickets. Reisen Sie in Deutschland mit unseren Nachtverbindungen im ICE und IC. Zu geringe Nachfrage beim City Night Line. 3. London is alive day and night. Tips; City Night Line to Amsterdam C. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, call ahead to verify hours, and remember to practice social distancing. Night train Amsterdam - Munich City Night Line 419 (CNL419). The absolute centre of classical music and opera. Domestic and international train route with one ticket, NS subscriptions and international travel, NS Business Card and international travel, Studentenreisproduct and international travel, Dagproduct on a single-use smart card and international travel, International trains and travelling within the Netherlands, Experience the advantage of the train for yourself, Read more about the destinations in Austria, Information about travelling with children, More information about bikes on the nighttrain, Safely and efficiently to the most beautiful destinations, Travelling during the night = win a day compared to travelling by car, Book the night train from Amsterdam to Wels. It's the city main attraction! Compartments available for 4 or 6 persons. Deluxe cars had a private bathroom (shower, washbasin and WC). Every couchette has a blanket, a sheet and a pillow. Your stay includes mineral water and a small breakfast. In the Netherlands, City Night Line tickets were generally sold as a global fare, like the fares which apply to transit routes in Germany. New sleeping cars were designed specially for City Night Line and 2 different types are currently in use: the double-deck sleeping car (type 171.X and 172.X) and Comfortline (type 173.1). De City Night Line Amsterdam – Praag is helaas ingekort, en vertrekt nu vanuit Duitsland. For example, the trains on the Amsterdam – Munich and Amsterdam - Zurich routes ran as a joint train as far as Mannheim, where the train was split up. City Night Line (Abkürzung: CNL, Wagenfarben: weiß/rot, vorher dunkelblau/gelb, Logo im Schweizer Kursbuch: ) war eine Zuggattung für Nachtreisezüge in Europa. Business city with plenty of character: travel time from 3h46m. Fashion city with a rich history and vibrant nightlife. City-Night-Line. You will receive a welcome package which includes an aperitif, a snack and a bottle of mineral water. Der City Night Line fährt übrigens nicht nur von München aus nach Amsterdam. Beds are provided with linen (pillow and blanket) and there is a washbasin that is stocked with towels and toiletries. The special offers for long-distance services which have meanwhile been introduced (such as the Lidl-Ticket or Tchibo-Ticket) were normally valid, but not always on all City Night Line routes. Also the dogs are on a leash and wearing a muzzle when getting on and off the train. In each category you can either choose to share your compartment with other travellers or have your private one. Passengers had to check the conditions of the individual offer. Click on the desired departure date in the calendar that appears. Tussen Amsterdam en Oberhausen kun je gebruik maken van de ICE. Because of the corona virus, the start of the Nightjet to Innsbruck and Vienna has been postponed to 2021. Wo und wie kauft man Zugtickets. [1] Deutsche Bahn plans to run some additional ICE highspeed train services with standard seating by night as a replacement and will also continue to cooperate with foreign train companies that operate night trains to Germany, for example ÖBB. The reservation is simultaneously valid as the charge for the additional night-time services and the prices vary according to comfort category. This train will depart from track 20+ you arrive at track 16. Enter your departure point in the row provided and then choose your destination. The same procedure applied on the return journey. In the event of a return journey, choose another date and accommodation. Travel time from 2h38m. You'll never get bored! The night lines were originally operated by the former railway company CityNightLine. It is recommended not to take more than one case and one item of hand luggage per person. The service was standardised on all lines. Attention! City Night Line, abbreviated CNL, was a train category of German railway company Deutsche Bahn for overnight passenger train services between Germany and neighbouring European countries. [1], In October 2016, DB and ÖBB announced that the Austrian railway company will inaugurate six new night train services under their ÖBB nightjet brand by 10 December 2016 of which several will run through Germany, partially on identical routes as the German night trains before. The compartments had "normal" beds. 4 visitors have checked in at City Night Line To Amsterdam. Este compartimento tiene dos camas, la de abajo es accesible con silla de ruedas (manual o eléctrica). The Amsterdam to Copenhagen train travel time is normally about 10 hours and 33 minutes, whatever time you make the journey.